Ankit SudĀ  (E!=MC^2)


As my 'About Me' page mentions, I used to go to a lot of technical competitions in school and to a lot of quizzes during college time. I was fairly successfull at these competitions. Infact, I regard the techfests I attended in school as the best days of my life. Some of my trophies are shown here purely for historical book-keeping purposes :) . This is a small subset of my collection. I remember dad one day saying 'ek aur le aaya' when I brought my nth trophy home (we quickly ran out of space). In English it loosely translates to 'What? you brought another one ?'. Ofcourse he meant it in a proud parenty kind of way. Currently the trophies are lying somewhere in my parent's house in the store. I plan to get them out and displayed one day :P