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Ankit Sud  (E!=MC^2)


Software Development Engineer (November 2013-?)

Lync Team, Microsoft, Redmond , WA

Lync Server and Backend APIs


Software Development Engineer (November 2011-November 2013)

Appfabric Caching Team, Microsoft India R&D Private Limited :

We help you cache items and distribute the cache too , also available in a cloudy flavour on Azure


Software Development Engineer in Test (July 2010-October 2011)

Windows Sustained Engineering, Microsoft India R&D Private Limited :

Dabbling in Network Stack Technologies and Windows Internals



Software Development Engineer (Summer Intern) (June 2009-August 2009)

LiveMesh Team, Microsoft India R&D Private Limited :



Undergraduate Student (2006-2010)

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (B.E. COE)


Department of Computer Engineering, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology :




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Study Interests: Computer Architecture,Data Structures, Theory of Computation etc.


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